Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lance Armstrong has had his titles taken away and banned from competition for life. Maybe he was a doper. Maybe he wasn't. I will take him at his word since the very organization that questions him is the same organization that qualified him to compete. They qualified him over and over again. If he was doping their own integrity should be in question.

How does BS

like this come up so long after the competition? When a man has built his livelihood around the celebrity he earned has the very organization that awarded him question his validity, he becomes a victim.

He submitted to drug tests over and over and passed. He can't take one now to prove that he wasn't doping years ago. Sure, they can have someone come forward and claim to have seen him doping, sold him dope, helped him dope, etc, etc. Where the hell were they when it mattered?

Will they recall Super Bowl trophies, heavyweight belts or Winston Cup titles? Was Mark Spitz doping in 1972? Was Bobby Fisher doping when he beat Boris Spasky in chess? Who knows? Who Cares?

Lance Armstrong has been done wrong. He was given the Rope-A-Dope and it wasn't by Mohamed Ali.

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