Sunday, December 16, 2012


To deny this is to doubt Gods presence. It also admits your own failure as a parent. If you create an atmosphere within your home that embraces your faith that is precisely what your child will carry to school each day. Your child has every right to pray at school. No one can stop them.

We have a complicated task in the United States. One which allows me to practice whichever faith I choose or to practice no faith at all. I choose Christianity. I hope that you will too but I will respect your right as a US citizen to practice any faith you wish so long as it doesn't infringe on others rights.

A school is a place for education. Within the school are many people of different faiths. I don't want a math teacher in a public school praying for my child or teaching religion to my child. That teachers faith may totally contradict our familys faith.

If I insist that public prayer take place in public schools, then I must accept that the prayer may conflict with my beliefs.

It is the separation of church and state that protects my right to be Christian.

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