Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Father's Day 2012
My father, Ernest Brewington would close his grocery store at around 4 or 5 pm on Sundays, giving us all an evening to relax and watch The Ed Sullivan Show. As we grew older he would give out allowances on Sunday and a free ride downtown where we'd see a movie, go to the soda shop and catch the bus back home.

On one Fathers Day Sunday, after the movie and soda shop my brother and I went to Fayett...eville Drug Store and picked out a Father's Day card and a really cheap bottle of after shave lotion to give to our father. As we were paying we saw that our bus was at the bus stop and we ran to catch it. As we rounded the corner of Phillips Loan & Pawn whichever of us that was carrying the after shave lotion dropped it and it broke it along with our young hearts.

We cried as we gave our Father his card and the remains of the cheap after shave lotion. He probably was near tears too as he hugged us really good and let us know that it was ok and that he loved us anyway. His love let us know that what was important to him was what we felt in our hearts. That's a Dad Lesson that is still valid..

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