Saturday, August 4, 2012

Something Smells

Early this morning everyone was complaining about the foul odor in the air around town. As always, we explained that it was the dog food plant. I told several to be glad because it smells aromatic compared to what it once was.

Before there were laws and before modern technology corporations built near rivers and emptied contaminated waste water into the river and released contaminants into the a
ir. Part of it was because they didn't know better and more because they knew they could get away with it.

On the banks of the Cape Fear river the Texfi Fayette Finishing Co left an extreme amount of toxic contamination in the ground right next to the river. The contamination will be there forever and a day. It has very likely already seaped into the ground water and into the river. This affects drinking water, wildlife and food sources.

Corporations have won tremendous support from much of our population. People say the workers are overpaid and that business is over regulated. They flock to other countries because they can get away with things they can't get away with here.

Over-regulated? Texfi wasn't the only ones to do irreversible damage here. Do you remember the PCBs that were deliberately disposed of along our roadways? What about the wood preserving plant on the west side of the city? It is on the list of worst polluted spots in the U.S. Your child would still be playing with lead painted toys if someone hadn't said no. They'd be brain damaged but corporations would be more profitable. Statistics show that in many circumstances industry knowingly allowed dangerous products to be sold and allowed our water and air to become contaminated. If being good stewards of Gods earth is over-regulating then so be it.

We need to enthusiastically support corporations who do business in the U.S. but we should have strong oversight to insure that we protect what is on loan from God almighty. Tax them and tax hell out of imports then use that money within our university system for research that our corporations can use to do an even better job while enabling higher education to be better prepared for industrial needs. Everyone would win.

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