Sunday, November 11, 2012

I was speaking to someone early this morning and was reminded of just how wonderful our planet would be if we only took from it what we need.

Think about it for a moment; Hou much time do we spend working to satify our lust for "things?" ...
How many wars have occured around the world to aquire or keep something? How many deseases would not exist if only we consumed what our bodies need? How much famine would be vanished?

Everything we need is right here. There is plenty for everyone if only we take what we need and learn to want less.

How short would our work week be if we only worked for what we needed instead of what we want. And how much better would the rest of our lives be if we utilized that time for nurturing the important things in our lives.
Perhaps a good exercise would be to write down the things that we have or work for that we really, really need and the things we have or work for that we really don't need. If we do this just maybe we'd realize that we have more than we need and maybe we'd learn to live our lives more simply and much happier.

In this month of Thanksgiving perhaps we should thank God for providing us with so much and beg his forgivness for our greed.
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